Payment and Instructions

At the time we only accept EMT or Email e-transfers.  

We do not accept Credit Card or Paypal. 

Payment must be made within 48 hours or our system will automatically cancel your order.  If your order is cancelled you will be sent an email noting this.

If this happens please place a new order.   

Tangerine clients:  We do not accept Tangerine Money Transfers but we accept Tangerine E-money transfers which is the second choice on your list. 


How do I make EMT payments:

***Please Put Your 4 digit Order number in the EMT Message Box*** Failure to do so may cause delays in processing your order until we can match your order to your payment manually.***

1) Login to your online banking with your financial institution.

2) Choose to send money using Email Money Transfer (E-transfer/Interac e-transfer)

3) Add Darkside Creations to the " Recipient's Name" box. Add as the Recipient Email.

4) Set the security question to: "What side?"

5) Set the security answer to: DARKSIDE

6) Send payment.

7) A payment confirmation Email will be sent by your bank once we have accepted payment.